Our Q Story

In 2003 on a warm July day with a hunger for BBQ, I decided to check out a contest in downtown Denver and maybe pick up a rib. After spending the day eating and looking over the proceedings, I thought, "I can do better than this."

I went home and put together $400 and purchased a 36" offset Kingfisher smoker and proceeded to destroy a perfectly good brisket. After about 100 pounds of meat, I was ready to take on the 2004 Frisco contest.

We loaded everything we had on to a flat bed trailer and headed up the hill. Looked like the Jed Clampet collection, but I was proud of that pile of stuff.

We pulled in to our space and I immediately realized I had no idea what I was doing. All I knew was I had to cook four kinds of meat.

Thought I was doing great until I went to the cooks' meeting and got these four boxes. Now what do I do???

I finished cooking the meats, threw a little lettuce in the boxes, added what I thought was some pretty good bbq, and headed for turn in. Surprisingly, I got it all in on time with no DQ's.

Then came the judging. Guess the judges didn't know good bbq, as we got 48th out of 56 teams. With persistence, I finally figured out the judges were right.

BBQ is such a great sport, and the "BBQ Family" is the best group of people you will ever find.

Now I'm doing competition bbq classes, which will really lessen the learning curve for new competitors. Not to mention saving you lots of practice meat and supplies. My class can eliminate that "deer in the headlights" feeling, get you off on the right foot, and in to a sport I guarantee you will love. There is no better feeling then getting your first call to the awards stage! But here's a warning, it's addictive.